• About nanocrystalline core

    About nanocrystalline core

    Nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy is a kind of soft magnetic alloy with nanocrystalline structure obtained by heat treatment on the basis of amorphous alloy, which has more excellent soft magnetic properties. Therefore, the manufacturing process and use process of amorphous alloy materials will...
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  • Status of Amorphous Iron Core Transformers in China

    Status of Amorphous Iron Core Transformers in China

    Amorphous alloy The 2014-2018 Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry Future Prospect Forecast Report shows that as early as 2008, I went to China’s secondary oil flake processing and distribution centers to collect first-hand information, and wrote an article “Neglected hidden dangers: ...
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  • Where is amorphous alloy iron core used?

    Where is amorphous alloy iron core used?

    1. Amorphous iron cores are widely used in industries such as solar energy, wind energy and power electronics, communications and home appliances. Especially the application of amorphous C-type iron core in solar inverters in recent years. Features ·High saturation magnetic induction intensity—re...
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  • What is amorphous?

    What is amorphous?

    Let’s start with amorphous materials. There are generally two kinds of materials that people come into contact with in daily life: one is crystalline material, and the other is amorphous material. The so-called crystalline material means that the atomic arrangement inside the material follo...
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